The Alliance of Swedish massage and
sports recovery Technique

Available in the Chamonix valley, from Vallorcine to Megève,
I come to your home,  your hotel, or your place of residency.
Whether you are an amateur, professional athlete or simply solicited by your daily life, this massage session is for you!

Specially trained to support you in muscle recovery, I offer a range of massages that will allow you to release your tensions, tone your body and boost your energy to feel good!

Massages improve the ability to move.
Massages are at the service of athletes and performance.


improve your sports performance

by the benefits of massages

why receive a massage ?

A Specific Massage
adapted to your needs

Stress, sport, bad posture, repetitive work, stiffness, lack of sleep,

are often factors at the origin of our back pain, body aches and anxiety.


– Enjoy the benefits of a good massage made for you ! –



relieves muscle tension

reduce stress

maintains joint flexibility

injury prevention aid

drains and eliminates toxins

post-exercice recovery

body harmony

helps performance ptential

activates blood circulation

improves sleep

to listen, to offer a wellness break

each massage given is different and unique


& massages

Massage is more than ever a precious tool ! Receiving it regularly amplifies the physiological effects, improves your performance and brings physical and mental relaxation.


Treat yourself with massage and well-being !


It constitutes the ideal massage thanks to its great adaptability to be personalized to the needs of each one.

Duration : de 1h à 2h                          RELAXING COCOONING                      


Muscular massage, structured, rich in techniques, It combines Swedish massage maneuvers, sports and deep-tissue.

Duration : de 1h à 2h+                    SUSTAINED PRESSURE



MYO SPORT massage to which Thai massage techniques are added, accompanied by passive stretching.

Duration : de 30 minutes à 2h+         PASSIVE STRETCHES


All our oils are chosen with care

and they come from natural and organic origins


oil massage

Certified quality service

Attentive to your comfort

Listening and respect

Preserving your privacy

always covered with a towel

Guaranteed hygiene procedure


Professionnel Massage
carried out in mutual respect

During our interview, you should tell me any information about your health that could be a contraindication to massage. The well-being massage is a relaxation and relaxation treatment, not for medical purposes.

The services are strictly professional and without any erotic character. You agree to have a courteous behavior and not to have inappropriate gestures towards me.



From the etymological origin “Myo” from the ancient Greek “mýs” which means Muscle, followed by the word “Sense” which evokes the sense of perception and touch.
MYOSENS massages are practiced with an anatomical approach to the muscles, to work and massage the muscle chains with precision and then locate and relax areas of tension as precisely as possible.

– Give meaning to muscles –

at your home, hotel, chalet, residency

mobile massage therapy